Green Belt sites under threat in Croydon draft Local Plan

CPRE London, a member of the London Green Belt Council, has responded to Croydon’s draft Local Plan. Despite National Planning Policy Guidance which states that “Unmet housing need (including for traveller sites) is unlikely to outweigh the harm to the Green Belt and other harm to constitute the “very special circumstances” justifying inappropriate development on a site within the Green Belt”, a number of sites within Croydon’s Green Belt have been allocated for the development of Gypsy and Traveller sites. In addition, a number of other Green Belt locations have been designated for development, such as the designation of Rowden … Read more

Government consults on starter homes in the Green Belt

Chair of the London Green Belt Council, Richard Knox-Johnston has written to the Telegraph in response to the government’s consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework which suggests the building of new starter homes in the Green Belt. In his letter here – (you will need to scroll down) – Mr Knox-Johnston calls for increased action to build houses where permission has been given far more quickly. He states “If the land is released and houses built in a timely way this would reduce the pressure on greenfield areas including the highly valued Green Belt.” … Read more