Richard Knox-Johnston presents to Epping Society meeting

It was standing room only at the Epping Society meeting on the Green Belt, as an audience of over 200 people engaged with presentations by Richard Knox Johnston, Chair of the London Green Belt Council, Eleanor Lang, the Local MP and other representatives from Epping District and Town Councils. Despite many Local residents stated that they were anxious regarding the future of the Green Belt many also commented that it was great to see such passion and support for it. The Epping Forest Guardian had this to say. … Read more

Response to a Garden of one’s own report

Richard Knox-Johnston, Chair of the London Green Belt Council, wrote to the London Evening Standard: “Further to the report A garden of one’s own, Tom Papworth is misguided in his thinking on the Green Belt. “First, we already have excellent high density housing of 100 homes per hectare in London which is not high rise. They are the Georgian and Edwardian squares in Kensington and Chelsea which are very popular places to live. So not all dwellings have to be skyscrapers. Second, building on Green Belt land would provide expensive homes because they are built in the Green Belt, so … Read more

London Green Belt Council Chair meets Kent MPs

Richard Knox Johnston, Chair of the LGBC and a Trustee of CPRE Kent which is also a member of LGBC, has met with MPs in Kent to discuss planning issues. The focus of discussions was landbanking – the process by which developers are holding back building homes on acquired sites to help boost profits – and the impact of unrealistic housing targets.