We need your help to save London’s Green Belt

In the recent Queen’s speech, the government’s pre-election commitment to protect the Green Belt was reiterated but with little further detail. However, in partnership with eight CPRE branches in and surrounding London, the London Green Belt Council (LGBC) has just published a map of the extensive threats from development to London’s Green Belt. It shows nearly 200 threatened sites along with proposals to build 118,000 homes. There is a clear mismatch between the government’s commitment to protect our Green Belt and the impact of its policies on the ground. We believe that our MPs will want to understand this mismatch so … Read more

New LGBC website

The new London Green Belt Council website has been launched. It has been designed to be easier to navigate and to display sensibly on a wide range of devices. We have made it so that it is easier to post messages and communicate with our members and the wider public. We hope you like it, but don’t hesitate to let us know if you find anything wrong or have some suggestions for improving it. … Read more

London Mayoral candidates commit to protecting London’s Green Belt in the run up to the May 2016 election

Alice Roberts of CPRE London, a member of the London Green Belt Council, appeared on London Live news in April talking about the welcome commitments from London Mayoral candidates to protect London’s Green Belt. But Alice also pointed to the Prime Minister’s pre-election promise that the ‘Green Belt will be safe with us’, which she said has not been adhered to, and that CPRE London would be monitoring green belt planning referrals to the new Mayor to ensure promises are kept. … Read more