Who we are

The London Green Belt Council is a grouping of about 80 organisations with a concern for the Green Belt around London. These organisations campaign locally against development on Green Belt land and collectively they represent over 50,000 people. Our membership is entirely made up of organisations rather than individuals. There is an annual subscription and a set of London Green Belt Council rules.

The London Green Belt Council meets three or four times annually, usually in Parliament. The Executive Committee meets more frequently. Agendas and minutes are published here.

What we do

Through promoting our messages for the public, politicians and decision makers we aim to ensure everyone is well informed about the vital importance of London’s Green Belt – with a view to ensuring it is sustained into the future. Part of this work also involves challenging those who argue that development should be allowed on the Green Belt. In particular we aim to set out the compelling evidence which shows that there is no need to build on London’s Green Belt and, in fact, that this will be hugely detrimental to London, the South East and the UK as a whole, in the long term.

The London Green Belt Council also aims to provide advice to our members where possible on planning issues. We also respond to important Government, regional and local consultations, occasionally also making representations on planning applications and appeals, though this is largely carried out by the members themselves.

Current membership and how to get involved

If your organisation is interested in becoming a member or simply supporting us and hearing about our news please contact us and let us know if you would like to join or simply hear our news. We do urge your organisation to join as the subscription is kept to a minimum and we urgently need funds to help support our work.

Membership is open to all organisations interested in protecting London’s Green Belt. Current members are listed here.

  • Membership application form – which can be filled in and returned if your organisation would like to join
  • London Green Belt Council leaflet – this explains more about our positions, what we do and how to join.
  • If you are an individual with an interest in protecting London’s Green Belt you can get involved by joining a local organisation in your area and help with the work of the council through that organisation.

The President, Chairman and Executive Committee

The current officials of the Council are:

President: Gareth Thomas MP
Chair: Richard Knox-Johnston
Vice-chair: Kristina Kenworthy
Secretary: John Croxen
Treasurer: Stan Jones
Committee members: Edward Glynn

Barry Knichel

Ray Liffen

John Warren


Find out more about London’s Green Belt and its history.