“Safe Under Us?”

A report, published today, shows how government housing and planning policies have led to an unprecedented scale of threat to London’s Green Belt The London Green Belt Council and CPRE London have published a joint report “‘Safe Under Us?’ An investigation into widespread threats from housebuilding in the London Metropolitan Green Belt” The report shows that government policies and sanctions appear to be forcing councils to release Green Belt land for development. Drawing on local evidence provided by CPRE branches in Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, London and Surrey, the report demonstrates that the London Green Belt is likely to … Read more

New LGBC website

The new London Green Belt Council website has been launched. It has been designed to be easier to navigate and to display sensibly on a wide range of devices. We have made it so that it is easier to post messages and communicate with our members and the wider public. We hope you like it, but don’t hesitate to let us know if you find anything wrong or have some suggestions for improving it. … Read more

LGBC objects to starter homes on Green Belt

London Green Belt Council has responded to DCLG’s consultation on proposed changes to the NPPF, setting out its concerns about the gradual erosion of Green Belt protection.  We worry that reference to starter homes on Green Belt land is the thin end of the wedge which will give developers and land-bankers arguments to grab yet more of the Green Belt, even while other developable land is available. You can read our full response here, with its covering letter here. … Read more

Current problems addressed by the London Green Belt Council

We have written letters of objection to two applications for unjustified development in the Green Belt. One is for a development of up to 476 houses west of Cuffley in Hertfordshire.  The text of our letter is here The other proposal is for a Dementia Care Community on a site adjoining Harefield hospital in Hillingdon Borough.  The developers argue that very special circumstances exist because there would be synergies between the work done at the hospital and the work of the Hospital.  We consider that the argument is not well founded.  The text of our letter is here … Read more

Government Policy on Green Belts

On 6th October 2014 DCLG issued a Press Release announcing changes to Planning Guidance on Housing and economic land availability assessments.  In the Press Release the Secretary of State said:  This government has been very clear that when planning for new buildings, protecting our precious green belt must be paramount. Local people don’t want to lose their countryside to urban sprawl, or see the vital green lungs around their towns and cities to unnecessary development. To see the Press Release, which contains a link to the Guidance revision, click here As we considered that the revision to the Guidance should be … Read more

All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Green Belt

Chris Skidmore, MP for Kingswood, a constituency including part of the Bristol Green Belt, has convened an All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Green Belt.   It held its first substantive meeting on 15th July 2013, when the Planning Minister, Nick Boles MP, made a short statement and responded to members questions.  Mr Boles was at pains to stress that Ministers were of the view that changes to Green Belt boundaries should only take place in the course of a local plan review where they would be subject to public comment and independent examination.   He referred to a case in Castle Point … Read more

Video of Queen Mary’s Park, Carshalton

Our Vice-Chairman, Ray Liffen, has produced a video of Queen Mary’s Park in Carshalton-on-the-Hill. The park is in Green Belt and, in addition to lovely shots of the park in autumn, the video shows just how effective the Green Belt can be in bringing real countryside close in to London.  To see the video, click here … Read more