LGBC response to the Housing White Paper

Thanks to our members who shared their thoughts about the Housing White Paper with us. Our key messages are: While we welcome the strengthening of the requirements to fully explore alternatives to developing on Green Belt land, they are worded in a a way that could justify the use of Green Belt land. Unless Green Belt is accepted as a constraint in meeting housing need, the Green Belt will remain under threat. We have considerable concerns about the impact that the five year cycle of Local Plans will have on the Green Belt’s permanency. There needs to be a long term strategic … Read more

LGBC Members have your say! Housing White Paper Consultation

LGBC Members have your say! The LGBC Housing White Paper Consultation will run until April 24. Our Press Release about the White Paper can be found here LGBC will be preparing a full response to the White Paper and intends to fully engage with any consultation on calculating housing targets. We want to ensure that our response reflects the views of our members. Please email us at londongbelt@aol.co.uk by Monday April 24 to share with us one or more of the following: 1. Any responses from or discussions within your organisations about the White Paper. 2. A response to the Question 10 posed by the … Read more

Please donate to help save London’s Green Belt

  Help Save London’s Green Belt – Please Donate Now! Our online map shows London’s Green Belt is under threat like never before. Over 250 sites are threatened with development. If these go ahead, London’s Green Belt will no longer exist as we know it. We’ve been campaigning hard over the past year to raise awareness and deliver change, publishing 3 major reports, gaining media coverage, meeting MPs and supporting local campaigners. We’ve had major successes, gaining commitments from politicians and helping local resident groups. But we now urgently need your help. •We are contacted weekly about new sites under threat •Government … Read more

New LGBC website

The new London Green Belt Council website has been launched. It has been designed to be easier to navigate and to display sensibly on a wide range of devices. We have made it so that it is easier to post messages and communicate with our members and the wider public. We hope you like it, but don’t hesitate to let us know if you find anything wrong or have some suggestions for improving it. … Read more