Please donate to help save London’s Green Belt

  Help Save London’s Green Belt – Please Donate Now! Our online map shows London’s Green Belt is under threat like never before. Over 250 sites are threatened with development. If these go ahead, London’s Green Belt will no longer exist as we know it. We’ve been campaigning hard over the past year to raise awareness and deliver change, publishing 3 major reports, gaining media coverage, meeting MPs and supporting local campaigners. We’ve had major successes, gaining commitments from politicians and helping local resident groups. But we now urgently need your help. •We are contacted weekly about new sites under threat •Government … Read more

Next meeting of the LGBC Executive Committee

The next meeting of the London Green Belt Council Executive Committee is to be held at 70 Cowcross Street on Wednesday 15 March, 2:30 – 4:30pm prior to the Full Council meeting to be held in the evening. The Meeting Agenda can be found here. The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting, held on November 23 2016 can be found here.   … Read more