LGBC Members have your say! The LGBC Housing White Paper Consultation will run until April 24.

Our Press Release about the White Paper can be found here

LGBC will be preparing a full response to the White Paper and intends to fully engage with any consultation on calculating housing targets. We want to ensure that our response reflects the views of our members.

Please email us at londongbelt@aol.co.uk by Monday April 24 to share with us one or more of the following:

1. Any responses from or discussions within your organisations about the White Paper.

2. A response to the Question 10 posed by the government about the Green Belt on p.85 of the White Paper This refers to paragraphs A.59-64 of the White Paper

3. Thoughts about the CPRE response to the White Paper.

Of particular relevance to the Green Belt are:

Step 1:

  • Planning for the right homes in the right places p8
  • Ensuring that plans start from an honest assessment of the need for new homes, and that local authorities work with their neighbours, so that difficult decisions are not ducked. p9
  • Making more land available for homes in the right places, by maximising the contribution from brownfield and surplus public land, regenerating estates, releasing more small and medium-sized sites, allowing rural communities to grow and making it easier to build new settlements. p.10-11
  • Maintaining existing strong protections for the Green Belt, and clarifying that Green Belt boundaries should be amended only in exceptional circumstances when local authorities can demonstrate that they have fully examined all other reasonable options for meeting their identified housing requirements. p11-13
  • Making better use of land for housing by encouraging higher densities, where appropriate, such as in urban locations where there is high housing demand; and by reviewing space standards. p13

Step 2: 

  • Building homes faster. Providing greater certainty for authorities that have planned for new homes and reducing the scope for local and neighbourhood plans to be undermined by changing the way that land supply for housing is assessed. p14
  • Boosting local authority capacity and capability to deliver, improving the speed and quality with which planning cases are handled, while deterring unnecessary appeals. p14-15
  • Holding developers to account for the delivery of new homes through better and more transparent data and sharper tools to drive up delivery p16-17
  • Holding local authorities to account through a new housing delivery test.p17-18

Step 4: Helping people now p20-21 (especially 21)


We really want to hear your views so please ensure you email your response to us at londongbelt@aol.co.uk by Monday April 24.


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