Thanks to our members who shared their thoughts about the Housing White Paper with us.

Our key messages are:

  1. While we welcome the strengthening of the requirements to fully explore alternatives to developing on Green Belt land, they are worded in a a way that could justify the use of Green Belt land.
  2. Unless Green Belt is accepted as a constraint in meeting housing need, the Green Belt will remain under threat.
  3. We have considerable concerns about the impact that the five year cycle of Local Plans will have on the Green Belt’s permanency.
  4. There needs to be a long term strategic plan which should only be reviewed every 20 years to allow forward looking strategies to be developed and carried out in order to create a more attractive and well-used Green Belt. We advocate an overall authority for the London Green Belt which could provide co-ordination and would have to be consulted and give approval for any development in the Green Belt.

Our full response can be found here

What can we do now?

Our work in influencing the outcome of the consultation does not end here! We know that bank bench MPs with Metropolitan Green Belt in their constituencies are looking at ways in which the Housing White Paper could do more to protect and enhance the Green Belt. The General Election provides us all with an enormous opportunity to keep the Green Belt at the forefront of their minds so make sure you let your local candidates know that support for the Green Belt is a vote winner.



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