LGBC response to the Housing White Paper

Thanks to our members who shared their thoughts about the Housing White Paper with us.

Our key messages are:

  1. While we welcome the strengthening of the requirements to fully explore alternatives to developing on Green Belt land, they are worded in a a way that could justify the use of Green Belt land.
  2. Unless Green Belt is accepted as a constraint in meeting housing need, the Green Belt will remain under threat.
  3. We have considerable concerns about the impact that the five year cycle of Local Plans will have on the Green Belt’s permanency.
  4. There needs to be a long term strategic plan which should only be reviewed every 20 years to allow forward looking strategies to be developed and carried out in order to create a more attractive and well-used Green Belt. We advocate an overall authority for the London Green Belt which could provide co-ordination and would have to be consulted and give approval for any development in the Green Belt.

Our full response can be found here

What can we do now?

Our work in influencing the outcome of the consultation does not end here! We know that bank bench MPs with Metropolitan Green Belt in their constituencies are looking at ways in which the Housing White Paper could do more to protect and enhance the Green Belt. The General Election provides us all with an enormous opportunity to keep the Green Belt at the forefront of their minds so make sure you let your local candidates know that support for the Green Belt is a vote winner.



LGBC’s objection to the expansion of Hasmonean High School onto Green Belt land in Barnet

On February 22 the London Borough of Barnet’s Planning Committee voted 6:5 in favour of granting planning permission to expand Hasmonean High School onto neighbouring Green Belt land. This was despite the Planning Officer’s robust, 100 page report recommending the application was refused on grounds that the development would considerably harm the Green Belt and didn’t warrant the very special circumstances set out in Planning Policy. The Mayor of London has the final say on this matter and members of the public have until April 11 to submit objections. The LGBC letter of objection can be found here. We urge … Read more

LGBC Members have your say! Housing White Paper Consultation

LGBC Members have your say! The LGBC Housing White Paper Consultation will run until April 24. Our Press Release about the White Paper can be found here LGBC will be preparing a full response to the White Paper and intends to fully engage with any consultation on calculating housing targets. We want to ensure that our response reflects the views of our members. Please email us at londongbelt@aol.co.uk by Monday April 24 to share with us one or more of the following: 1. Any responses from or discussions within your organisations about the White Paper. 2. A response to the Question 10 posed by the … Read more

Please donate to help save London’s Green Belt

  Help Save London’s Green Belt – Please Donate Now! Our online map shows London’s Green Belt is under threat like never before. Over 250 sites are threatened with development. If these go ahead, London’s Green Belt will no longer exist as we know it. We’ve been campaigning hard over the past year to raise awareness and deliver change, publishing 3 major reports, gaining media coverage, meeting MPs and supporting local campaigners. We’ve had major successes, gaining commitments from politicians and helping local resident groups. But we now urgently need your help. •We are contacted weekly about new sites under threat •Government … Read more

“Safe Under Us?”

A report, published today, shows how government housing and planning policies have led to an unprecedented scale of threat to London’s Green Belt The London Green Belt Council and CPRE London have published a joint report “‘Safe Under Us?’ An investigation into widespread threats from housebuilding in the London Metropolitan Green Belt” The report shows that government policies and sanctions appear to be forcing councils to release Green Belt land for development. Drawing on local evidence provided by CPRE branches in Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, London and Surrey, the report demonstrates that the London Green Belt is likely to … Read more

We need your help to save London’s Green Belt

In the recent Queen’s speech, the government’s pre-election commitment to protect the Green Belt was reiterated but with little further detail. However, in partnership with eight CPRE branches in and surrounding London, the London Green Belt Council (LGBC) has just published a map of the extensive threats from development to London’s Green Belt. It shows nearly 200 threatened sites along with proposals to build 118,000 homes. There is a clear mismatch between the government’s commitment to protect our Green Belt and the impact of its policies on the ground. We believe that our MPs will want to understand this mismatch so … Read more

London Mayoral candidates commit to protecting London’s Green Belt in the run up to the May 2016 election

Alice Roberts of CPRE London, a member of the London Green Belt Council, appeared on London Live news in April talking about the welcome commitments from London Mayoral candidates to protect London’s Green Belt. But Alice also pointed to the Prime Minister’s pre-election promise that the ‘Green Belt will be safe with us’, which she said has not been adhered to, and that CPRE London would be monitoring green belt planning referrals to the new Mayor to ensure promises are kept. … Read more

LGBC objects to starter homes on Green Belt

London Green Belt Council has responded to DCLG’s consultation on proposed changes to the NPPF, setting out its concerns about the gradual erosion of Green Belt protection.  We worry that reference to starter homes on Green Belt land is the thin end of the wedge which will give developers and land-bankers arguments to grab yet more of the Green Belt, even while other developable land is available. You can read our full response here, with its covering letter here. … Read more

London Green Belt Chair attends RTPI Green Belt event

Richard Knox-Johnston attended a high profile event held by the RTPI in the run up to the London Mayoral 2016 election. Raising questions from the floor, Richard challenged the idea that London’s Green Belt must be released for housing to be built on it, pointing out that many thousands of houses which have been granted planning permission are waiting to be built, that there are plenty of brownfield sites aside.