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Notes 169 (October 2015)
Expert panel to speed up development – Theydon Bois station car park – Very special circumstances v Harm to the Green Belt – Changes to the Green Belt as a result of a planning application – Traveller sites in the Green Belt – 20th Green Belt Relay

Notes 168 (February 2015)
Obituary, Sir Sydney Chapman and Laurence Holt – Development on Underground station car parks – London Green Belt Map – All Party Parliamentary Group on the Green Belt – Revision of Planning Guidance – Questionable special circumstances – House of Commons Committee on the DCLG

Notes 167 (June 2014)
Rise of the General Permitted Development Order – Cherkley Court – Greg Mulholland’s Ten Minute Rule Bill – Correspondence between the Minister and the Planning Inspectorate – Has the NPPF changed planning appeal decisions?

Notes 166 (January 2014)
All Party Parliamentary Group on the Green Belt – Green Belt (London and Home Counties Act 1938 – Carshalton Environmental Fair – Planning appeal decisions

Notes 165 (June 2013)
Polytunnels in the Green Belt – All London Green Grid – Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 – Prime Minister’s letter on the Green Belt – Capital Downs Landscape Partnership – Various planning appeal decisions

Notes 164 (November 2012)
Confusing Government Policy on Green Belt – Consultations on Permitted Development Rights and Planning Appeal Procedure – Conffirming Councils’ support for Green Belt – Various planning appeal decisions

Notes 163 (August 2012)
Keston Countryside Day – HS2 and third runway at Heathrow – Football stadium at St Paul’s Cray – Section 106 obligations – Concern about Government planning policy – Planning Decisions

Notes 162 (April 2012)
National Planning Policy Framework (definitive version) – Planning decisions including Pinewood Studios and relevance of animal testing.

Notes 161 (November 2011)
National Planning Policy Framework – Localism Act – Myth Busting by RTPI – Coventry’s Hub and Spoke approach – Planning decisions including balconies and basements included in floor space; gypsies and human rights; canal marina rejected.

Notes 160 (July 2011)
Regional Planning and Green Belts – HS2 London to Birmingham rail link – Planning decisions including Canal Marina in appopriate development; storage for showmen’s equipment; house unoccupied for 50 years not abandoned and may be replaced.

Notes 159 (March 2011)
Abolition of the Forestry Commission abandoned – Localism Bill and Green Belt – Planning Guidance and Travellers – Planning decisions dealing

Notes 158 (November 2010)
Changes to planning creating turmoil and confusion – government assurances about future Green Belt protection – creditworthy papers on Green belt by CPRE and Natural England – several interesting case reports.

Notes 157 (July 2010)
Changes to Regional Planning, Natural England/CPRE report, various planning decisions includuing dismissed appeal against refusal of the Strategic Rail Freight Interchange between Radlett and St Alban’s.

Notes 156 (February 2010)
Regional Government: too much power given to Regional Development Authorities – Natural England informed about the fundamental irrelevance of the scenic quality of green belt land – reaffirming PPG 2.

Notes 155 (October 2009)
Planning Act 2008, and Major Infrastructure Planning.

Notes 154 (May 2009)
How secure is Green Belt policy? – CPRE survey – Amalgamating planning documents.

Notes 153 (November 2008)
The South East Plan – Green Belt and Japan – How green is wind? – Ups and Downs for the RTPI.

Notes 152 (June 2008)
Natural England and Green Belt – Planning Bill – New PPS 12: Local Spatial Planning.

Notes 151 (March 2008)
Planning for travelling showpeople – Delegating planning powers to Regional Development Agencies – Keeping planners fit for purpose?

Notes 150 (November 2007)
Is Green Belt policy tired? – Gift from Croydon Society.

Notes 148 (June 2007)
Response to Barker Report.