Below you will find the London Green Belt Council’s  reports and other publications:


May 2019 – LGBC news release about the 2019 local elections

May 2019 – LGBC press release about the Tandridge Plan

April 2019 – Information about Smithfield, Billingsgate and New Spitalfields Markets moving to Dagenham

April 2019 – LGBC press release about the Sevenoaks Local Plan

April 2019 – LGBC article ‘Density the Answer to Housing Land Supply’

March 2019 – LGBC National Audit Office Report – London Green Belt Council commentary on the recent National Audit Office report on Planning for New Homes

January 2019 – Threats to the London Green Belt – an update to the report Safe under us?

January 2019 – LGBC press release on our latest Green Belt Threats report 

April 2018 – An introduction to the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group) for London’s Green Belt

March 2018 – LGBC press release from the All-Party Parliamentary Group in response to the Prime Minister’s speech on housing and the Green Belt

February 2018 – Letter from London Green Belt Council to the Mayor of London in response to the draft London Plan

November 2017 – Minutes of the annual general meeting of the London Green Belt Council

September 2017 – London Green Belt Council’s report on the accelerating loss of the Metropolitan Green Belt since Safe Under Us

September 2016 – Safe under Us an investigation into widespread threats from house building in the London Metropolitan Green Belt

February 2016 – The London Green Belt Council’s response to the Government’s consultation on building ‘starter homes’ on London’s Green Belt

December 2015 – The London Green Belt Council Chairman’s letter published in The Times.