Meetings of the London Green Belt Council are usually held in Westminster, but for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic our meetings are currently being held online via Zoom. We aim to meet three times per year as a council, but in addition to our main meetings we occasionally hold special events such as webinars on specific topics. All LGBC members receive email notification of meetings as well as regular e-newsletters with updates on matters of concern and interest regarding London's Green Belt.

About us

The London Green Belt Council brings together over 100 organisations including councils, residents & environmental groups with a shared concern for London's Green Belt. The Council meets three times a year in Parliament. There is an executive committee which meets more frequently. By promoting our messages to the public, politicians and decision-makers, we aim to ensure that everyone is well-informed about the vital importance of London’s Green Belt – with a view to ensuring that it is sustained into the future. Part of this work also involves challenging those who argue that development should be allowed on the Green Belt. In particular we aim to set out the compelling evidence which shows that there is no need to build on London’s Green Belt and that in fact this will be hugely detrimental to London, the South East of England, and the nation as a whole.

Officers and Committee

The current Executive Committee members of the London Green Belt Council are:
President: Gareth Bacon MP
Chairman: Richard Knox-Johnston
Vice-chair: Patrick Griffin
Secretary: Andy Smith
Treasurer: Steve Horner
Committee members: Paul Bartlett, Robin Bishop, Maya Dodwell, Simon Kearey, David Zerny
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